Office of judicial officer with badge number 0129

dr. Harai Zoltán Csaba

Independent Court Bailiffs

Judicial District

Székesfehérvári District Court

Deposit bank account number

OTP Bank Nyrt. 11736006-20296137-00000000

8000 Székesfehérvár, Lugosi utca 2. E.  
8004 Székesfehérvár, Pf. 26.



Office gateway

Customer Reception Information

Personal customer service:
Monday, Wednesday: 08:00-12:00

Personal reception only for legal representative:
Thursday: 08:00-12:00

Telephone customer services:
Monday-Friday: 08:00-12:00

Receipt of service of documents by the addressee:
Monday, Wednesday: 08:00-12:00
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